About Michael D. Witter

About Sherry Pryor Witter

Michael D. Witter is the Partner & Co-Founder of the Witter (Dean Witter) Family Offices. He co-founded the firm and is partnered with his wife Sherry Pryor Witter.  Early in his career, Michael served on the Board of Directors and was elected President of William D. Witter, Inc.  Previous to co-founding the Witter Family Offices, Michael was the portfolio manager for Institutional, Foundation, Pension and Individual accounts at William D. Witter, Inc. in a Small Cap Growth strategy for the family firm.

Sherry Pryor Witter is the Managing Partner, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Witter (Dean Witter) Family Offices, headquartered in New York City. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of investing and operating activities. Sherry has managed assets for over two decades and has a strong commitment to developing and incubating new and unexploited trading strategies. As a Family Office, the Witters’ assets are invested in real estate, private equity, venture opportunities, art, fine musical instruments, and hedge funds.

About the Witter Family Office

The Witter Family Office consists of two parts.  One focuses on wealth generation while the other deals with philanthropic giving. Sherry Pryor Witter is responsible for the deployment of investment capital and wealth expansion.

She does so by seeding and partnering with entrepreneurial mathematicians, traders, portfolio managers and statisticians. Throughout Sherry’s career she has helped launch over a hundred businesses whose esoteric and non-market correlated mandates have generated outsized returns and created employment in the multiple funds established. Sherry is also responsible for her family’s investments in real estate, private equity and fine instruments.

Michael D. Witter’s philanthropic philosophy is consistent with Dean Witter's ethical and moral duty to help less fortunate Witter family members and to support worthy charitable endeavors.