Dean Witter, founder of Dean Witter, & Company in 1924, built a firm with the strongest adherence to principles of doing what was best to build wealth for families and individuals who had little experience with investing in the stock market.  Hiring young talent, he was disciplined by the morals and ethics of recognizing and instilling the importance of building a good reputation.  During a time when purchasing equities was an opportunity relatively out of reach for the everyday American, Dean Witter took it upon himself to sell shares of stock and bonds door to door.  Hundreds of thousands got their start on Wall Street at Dean Witter which helped revolutionize an entire industry.

                                                           Dean Witter and William D. Witt  er

                                                           Dean Witter and William D. Witter

Dean Witter was able to provide for his siblings and cousins with the business he built. He had three children, and it was last born son, Bill Witter (William D. Witter), who would do the same for his siblings and other family members.

Bill Witter moved to New York to start his own firm, William D. Witter, Inc. and bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1977 Bill Witter forayed into small-cap investing. This asset category was still undiscovered by the masses and like Dean Witter, Bill sought to fill a void. Bill Witter saw the profit upside of investing in companies that were unloved and were essentially as inaccessible as private equity investments at the time.  With that risk, Bill Witter made outsized returns for the family members, friends and clients who invested with him.