Witter Family Offices

The Witter Family Offices (WFO) have a long history of investing across a range of unique and off-the-beaten path asset classes. In conjunction to developing trading strategies in house, the Witter Family co-invests in and/or seeds relatively undiscovered, non-market correlated strategies, and partners with external managers and traders to maximize the family’s overall return. This multi-manager, multi-strategy platform is designed to outperform on a consistent basis. 

Michael D. Witter continues the tradition of philanthropy and charitable giving Today, Witter is headquartered in midtown New York City,


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”




Sherry Pryor Witter

  • Managing Partner

  • Co-Founder & CIO of Witter Family Offices

Sherry Pryor Witter is the Managing Partner, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Witter (Dean Witter) Family Offices, headquartered in New York. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the investing and operating activities. Sherry has managed assets for over two decades and has a strong commitment to developing and incubating new and unexploited trading strategies. As a Family Office, the Witter assets are invested in real estate, private equity, venture, art, fine musical instruments, and hedge funds. The monies across these asset classes have contributed to wealth expansion and the hedge fund investments have generated a large portion of the performance.

In an effort to build out the Witter hedge fund platform, Sherry has and continues to be the early partner, sometimes the seeder of small and emerging hedge fund managers. Sherry will continue to add to the stable of traders which includes a diversified set of liquid strategies that encompasses event driven, equity long/short, directional, commodities, and others. Initial allocations of capital start small and increase gradually as the newer strategies achieve their performance targets. On the private side, Sherry continues to be the lead investor and co-investor direct to companies and in funds. 

Prior to forming the Witter Family offices with her husband Michael Witter in 2003, Sherry started her first hedge fund when she was 23, where she created a quantitative/qualitative research platform to provide superior returns and performance. Profitable gains have been generated since inception by Sherry implementing various investment strategies, managing long/short portfolios with a strong focus on liquidity and non-market correlated returns.  Sherry began her career at Lazard Frères followed by ESL Investments, Sherry is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton Undergraduate School and The Juilliard School, Pre-College Division. She was born in New York City and continues to reside in New York with her husband and sons.



Dean Witter

Dean Witter, founder of Dean Witter, & Company in 1924, built a firm with the strongest adherence to principles of doing what was best to build wealth for families and individuals who had little experience with investing in the stock market.  Hiring young talent, he was disciplined by the morals and ethics of recognizing and instilling the importance of building a good reputation.  During a time when purchasing equities was an opportunity relatively out of reach for the everyday American, Dean Witter took it upon himself to sell shares of stock and bonds door to door.  Hundreds of thousands got their start on Wall Street, at Dean Witter which help revolutionize an entire industry.



Michael D. Witter

  • Partner, Co-Founder of Witter Family Offices

Michael D. Witter is the Partner & Co-Founder of the Witter (Dean Witter) Family Offices. He co-founded the firm and is partnered with his wife Sherry Pryor Witter.  Early in his career, Michael served on the Board of Directors and was elected President of William D. Witter, Inc.  Previous to co-founding the Witter Family Offices, Michael was the portfolio manager for Institutional, Foundation, Pension and Individual accounts at William D. Witter, Inc. in a Small Cap Growth strategy for the family firm.  Michael is focused on the management of the assets and operations of the Witter family foundations and related organizations.

Though Dean Witter believed deeply in philanthropy, Michael has taken non-profit to an institutional level with a more private equity view to charitable giving.  Michael is also an active shareholder of the Witter Family Ranch in California.  Michael was born and raised in New York City where he attended The Buckley School and later graduated Dickinson College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  Today he continues to reside in New York with his wife and family.


Bill Witter

Bill Witter

Dean Witter

Dean Witter


Dean Witter was able to provide for his siblings and cousins with business that he built. He had three children, and it was last born son, Bill Witter (William D. Witter), who would do the same for his siblings and other family members.

Bill Witter moved to New York to start his own firm William D. Witter, Inc. and bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.   In 1977 Bill Witter forayed into Small Cap investing. This asset category was still undiscovered by the masses and like Dean Witter, Bill sought to fill a void. Bill Witter saw the profit upside of investing in companies that were unloved and were essentially as inaccessible as private equity investments at the time.  With that risk, Bill Witter made outsized returns for the family members, friends and clients who invested with him.

Michael D. Witter, the son of Bill Witter, grandson of Dean Witter is carrying on the tradition of philanthropy. An important part of the Witter Family philosophy is to continue the task of philanthropy focused in the areas of Dean Witter’s legacy.  The Witter family continues this tradition today across various charitable organizations with a focus on military, education and wildlife conservation.  Michael Witter is especially devoted to the military causes with a focus on veteran rehabilitation, preservation of American history, and the fostering of relations between allied forces.  He also supports educational causes which provide both undergraduate and continuing education scholarships.  Like his grandfather, Michael is also a vigilant wildlife conservationist and is tireless in his efforts to raise awareness through protecting habitat and preservation of wetlands and endangered species. 

Like the generation leaders before her, Sherry Pryor Witter endeavors to multiply the family’s wealth. Sherry Pryor Witter and Michael D. Witter have been partners in business and married for nearly two decades. They recently welcomed their son Augustus Dean Witter, the last born great grandson of Dean Witter.