Sherry Pryor Witter

Through managing various hedge funds, Sherry Pryor Witter has developed relationships with a variety of talented traders and managers who lacked funding from traditional sources. Over the years, Sherry has backed these young entrepreneurial managers as they launch their strategies. She also manages real estate investments, which include commercial properties where the Witter Family Office has co-invested with other family offices, and other trusted relationships.

On the private equity side, Sherry has seeded funds and colleagues, and co-invested with other family offices as well. Sherry’s approach to investing requires constant vigilance and dexterity as even the highest performing strategies have a finite life span. Thus, Sherry is continuously searching for the next best idea. In discovering and partnering with new traders, Sherry is frequently the anchor and/or angel investor. Her investments are essential to these young funds, as institutional backers are generally unwilling to take risks on unproven, capacity constrained strategies or assume incremental risk as a percentage of the fund’s AUM (Assets Under Management). This out-of-the-box approach has helped generate outsized returns for the family, while helping entrepreneurs catapult their businesses. 

Sherry also invests in fine instruments. Not only do the instruments yield an excellent return, they are loaned out to performing musicians who play around the world and also for the family’s personal events. Sherry Pryor Witter continues to amass a steady stable of traders who play in the non-market correlated liquid space, helping them to grow their businesses every day.