Michael D. Witter

Michael D. Witter is the Partner and Co-Founder of the Witter Family Offices. Working alongside his wife, co-partner Sherry Pryor Witter, since the firm’s inception in 2011, he has continued to build on the family tradition of compounding wealth and supporting philanthropy, precepts that date back to 1924, when Michael Witter’s legendary grandfather, Dean Witter, founded his brokerage firm in San Francisco.

Those principles were re-affirmed by Michael Witter’s father, William D. Witter, who in 1977 founded his eponymous firm in New York City, which he ran until his death in 2003. That is also where Michael Witter’s career took flight, as he served on the board of directors at William D. Witter, Inc., then rose to the position of president before assuming the role of portfolio manager for institutional, foundation, pension and individual accounts in the small-cap growth strategy favored by his father. Michael Witter remained at William D. Witter through 2008.

At Witter Family Offices, Michael D. Witter manages the assets and operations of the Witter family foundations and related organizations. Central to his mission is the philanthropic vision first exhibited by his grandfather. The efforts of Dean Witter (1887-1969) in that realm were geared toward family and the outdoors. He provided for the education, work experience and livelihood of much of the family, and because he was an avid sportsman was dedicated to causes such as habitat preservation and land conservation.

Michael D. Witter, a co-founder and board member of both the Michael D. Witter Foundation and the Sherry Pryor Witter Foundation, has expanded upon his grandfather’s charitable legacy, both by lending support to educational causes that provide both undergraduate and continuing education scholarships and by raising awareness of wildlife conservation by tirelessly protecting habitat and preserving wetlands and endangered species. In addition, Michael Witter has taken particular interest in military causes, as Dean Witter was a veteran of both World Wars. Those causes include veteran rehabilitation, preservation of American history and promoting ties among allied forces.

One especially notable initiative Michael D. Witter supports is the Squadron A Association and Foundation, which continues the tradition of a New York City-based cavalry unit that dates back to 1884. Its members, besides serving with distinction in both World Wars, are known for their flashy reviews, and for sponsoring polo matches and social events at the Madison Avenue Armory.

Additionally, Michael D. Witter is a Director of the Federal Drug Agents Foundation, FDAF.net and former Member of the President’s Council and Chairman of Ducks Unlimited New York, Ducks.org.

An active shareholder of the Witter Family Ranch in California, Michael Witter was born and raised in New York City, and attended The Buckley School in the city. He later graduated from Dickinson College with bachelor's degrees in economics and sociology. He still resides in New York City with his family.